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Corporate Responsibility

At 786 Universal Elegance we believe in our responsibility and obligation to give back to and improve the social well-being of the community in which we live.

We lead by example in the inspiration of other organizations, companies and individuals to fulfill their moral responsibility for the enrichment of people’s lives.

Our way for giving back presently covers two (2) major projects and a focused area

  • The Bus Shelter Project
    • We intend to set up 4 or 5 bus stop shelters throughout the country in any given year. We work in collaboration with the Village Councils and Parliamentarians. There is no discrimination or selection in which village receives this donation. It operates on a first come, first serve basis until we reach the maximum of our resources assigned for the year.
  • The Wheelchair Project
    • Wheelchairs are donated to the Village Councils on behalf of the elderly and disabled in their specific communities. The selection of persons whom are awarded these wheelchairs are done by the Village Councils.
  • Education
    • We believe in the investment in education and therefore are focused on the development of quality education. This is why we contribute to school activities – school competitions and the like.

Quiet Sponsorships to many worthy projects for communities, organizations and/or personal and medical situations.