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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Your delivery address can be modified prior to delivery of products. Contact customer service.
Yes. This option must be selected during purchase and can be collected within four (4) business days.
Currently this option is unavailable and only PayPal payments are accepted. However, we are currently working to have this on stream at the soonest.
No. Currently there are no out of island shipments.
Yes. Returns of items are accepted if the item and packaging are returned in the condition it was purchased. The item will be inspected to ascertain to see whether it is in working order. A return fee will be charged.
After delivery, the recipient name and time of delivery will be noted.
Replies will be issued within the same or next working day during business hours.  Business days and hours are from Monday –Friday 8 a.m. - 5p.m. eastern daylight time (EDT).
Expedited delivery is currently unavailable.
After payments, the following must be indicated for delivery;
  • Name and Surname of recipient
  • Any nicknames/aliases
  • Local telephone numbers
  • House and Street number where applicable
  • Village/City/Town
The shipping costs within Dominica are based on the area of delivery according to the below list:

Area 1 (XCD $20.00)

Bathe Estate, Citronier, Elmshall, Fond Cole, Goodwill, Loubiere, Lousiville, New Town, Pottersville, Roseau, Silver Lake, Palm Grove

Area 2 (XCD $30.00)

Belfast, Canefield, Castle-Comfort, Checkhall, Eggleston, Fond Baron, Fond Canie, Giraudel, Massacre, Mahaut, Morne Prosper, Point Mitchel, River Estate, River Estate, Roger, Trafalger, Wallhouse, Wotton Waven, Soufrierre, Scotts Head

Area 3 (XCD $40.00)

Belleuve, Jimmit, Laudat, Layou, Mero, Pichelin, St Joseph, Tareau, Warner, Colihaut, Coulibistrie, Salisbury

Area 4 (XCD $60.00)

Belles, Castle-Bruce, Dublanc, Good Hope, Grand Fond, Morne Jaune, Portsmouth, Riviere Cirique, Sansanveur

Area 5 (XCD $70.00)

Capuchine, Concvord, Delices, Dos Dane, Kalinago Territory, La Plaine, Marigot, Paix Bouche, Penville, Tan Tan, Thibaud, Vielle Case, Wesley, Woodfordhill, Calibishie, Borne, Bense, Anse De Mai

Rest of the areas (XCD $75.00)

Note: We do not ship products outside of Dominica.