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What are your Shipping or Delivery Costs?

The shipping costs within Dominica are based on the area of delivery according to the below list:

Area 1 (XCD $20.00)

Bathe Estate, Citronier, Elmshall, Fond Cole, Goodwill, Loubiere, Lousiville, New Town, Pottersville, Roseau, Silver Lake, Palm Grove

Area 2 (XCD $30.00)

Belfast, Canefield, Castle-Comfort, Checkhall, Eggleston, Fond Baron, Fond Canie, Giraudel, Massacre, Mahaut, Morne Prosper, Point Mitchel, River Estate, River Estate, Roger, Trafalger, Wallhouse, Wotton Waven, Soufrierre, Scotts Head

Area 3 (XCD $40.00)

Belleuve, Jimmit, Laudat, Layou, Mero, Pichelin, St Joseph, Tareau, Warner, Colihaut, Coulibistrie, Salisbury

Area 4 (XCD $60.00)

Belles, Castle-Bruce, Dublanc, Good Hope, Grand Fond, Morne Jaune, Portsmouth, Riviere Cirique, Sansanveur

Area 5 (XCD $70.00)

Capuchine, Concvord, Delices, Dos Dane, Kalinago Territory, La Plaine, Marigot, Paix Bouche, Penville, Tan Tan, Thibaud, Vielle Case, Wesley, Woodfordhill, Calibishie, Borne, Bense, Anse De Mai

Rest of the areas (XCD $75.00)

Note: We do not ship products outside of Dominica.